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Thursday, October 8, 2009

UT 128 - A great ride!

I realize there are a lot of great roads in the US and each has its own special aspects.  State Road Utah 128 is one of those great roads.  The road is designated the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway & is part of the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway which is a National Scenic Byway.  Due to the blind curves and no shoulder large vehicles (55,000+ pounds) are prohibited from using it.

UT 128 connects US 191 on the north end of Moab to I-70 west of Grand Junction, Colorado.  UT 128 runs beside the Arkansas River for about 28 of the 43 miles.  The road has sweeping curves, some tight curves and a good number of small hills that can make your stomach drop if you moving a long at a good pace.   Link to map

We started on the west end of UT 128 after we left Arches National Park.  We filled up and I sure am glad we did, as it was about 90 miles before we passed a gas station or store.  Make sure you and the bike are ready before you take off.

We started off following the curves of the river with steep sandstone walls on both sides.  The road was in great shape and at 3:30pm there was not a lot of traffic.  There are several camping sites along the road so one must watch for traffic.  As we traveled east the road leaves the canyon and rises from 4000 feet to 6000 feet above sea level and crosses the arid desert area until UT 128 intersects with I-70.

This was a fun and scenic road.  I would love to ride it both directions in the same day.  Is it the type of road to make sure you ride, even if it means adding miles to your trip?  Yes!

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  1. I have ridden the road and really enjoyed it. Try your best to not ride toward the sun. Ride west in the morning and east in the afternoon. The sun can make visibility tough.