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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Goal of the blog and YouTube channel

I started this blog September 2009 with a goal of posting useful information.  On the first post I stated "part of this blog is to give straightforward reviews of items that I have personally used, places I have eaten, roads I have traveled, and/or bikes I have ridden. At times I will use the reviews of close friends that I ride with and respect." 
Lower Falls in Yellowstone NP
I have strayed off motorcycle related topics a few time i.e. my WWII veteran dad, Honor Flight..., otherwise the gear, roads, restaurants and other items have been related to my motorcycle addiction.
Dad at WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.
With the same goal and desire to provide useful, honest information and reviews I launched a YouTube channel.  
Ride on a great road in Oklahoma

The videos are much more varied and sometimes provide just a clip of a great road to ride, a neat place to visit or some other little nugget.  In the future I will interview other "ordinary" riders about their choice of bikes, gear and accessories so riders can get the views of actual users/riders.  There will be full reviews, trip highlights and more forthcoming.

I will even post some "motovlog" video, which are spoken blogs while riding the motorcycle.  Topics will vary.
My first vlog is about upcoming trip in June, 2017

My son riding US 129 aka The Tail of the Dragon on his own bike for the first time
I would like to invite you to visit the YouTube channel and give me some feedback.  I have a lot to learn about vlogging and all comments are welcome.  If you like what you see please subscribe.

I will continue to post here on a regular basis also.

Be safe and enjoy the road. 


  1. Vlogging, I commend your efforts....not sure it's something I'd do well.

    1. Not sure how well I am doing, but I am going to try to improve. Comments, suggestions... are welcome.

  2. Nice one, checked out your Youtube channel and subbed you.
    Does your son have a ZX-10?

    1. Thanks! Please feel free to give me suggestions, comments...
      My son's bike is a ZX6R. He would love the ZX10, but he will have to wait till he can afford it and the insurance :). He is in his 2nd year of college.

  3. Going to visit you on youTube and read your blog as well. Keep doing a good job!!!