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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

49 Miles of great New Mexico highway

 In November 2012 I rated some roads I had ridden (Scenic Roads #6-#10 and Scenic Roads #1-#5) and found especially scenic.  Since then I have had the opportunity to ride many other great roads and one in particular has become a "favorite" road.

Northeast New Mexico is a favorite destination for many of us in Texas.  The Enchanted Circle which includes Angel Fire, Eagles Nest, Questa, Red River and Taos is a well known Scenic Byway and is a great place to ride.

However, I have decided the 49 mile stretch of US 64 between Tres Piedras (intersection of US 64 and US 285 northwest of  Taos, NM) and Tierra Amarilla (south of Chama, NM) is a fun, scenic must ride for motorcyclists.    Link to map,+NM/Tierra+Amarilla,+NM+87551/@36.6860176,-106.5563251,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x8717a4ad062abcc9:0xf1ce24e7761909fb!2m2!1d-105.9672384!2d36.6469626!1m5!1m1!1s0x8717d7fe066b4d35:0xb6b5dcdd97d941e!2m2!1d-106.5497566!2d36.7002922!3e0
Screenshot of map on Google Maps
What does this road have to offer?  Sweeping curves, hairpin turns, elevation change, scenic views and solitude (traffic is minimal).  US 64 cuts through the Carson National Forest so riders need to be aware of the potential for wildlife.  With a total of 5 passes over this road I have seen a bunch of suicidal ground squirrels (they will dart out right in front of you) and a few deer, but never very close to the road.

Spirited riding is almost mandatory.  The sweepers on the eastern portion allows for consistent throttle and very little downshifting. The middle portion has nice elevation changes with some straight sections where some riders (not that I would :) ) could test bike velocity. On the western end there are some tight turns allowing the outer portion of tires to get some usage. 
Great view from US 64
Great views abound and the road reaches an elevation of 10,507 feet at Brazos Summit (second highest point on any NM highway), so the temperature can dip even in the summer.  Like all mountain areas, rain is always a possibility.  Two of the five times I have ridden the road I have experience brief light rain showers.
 View from overlook before descent to Tierra Amarilla
The combination of various radius curves, elevation change, minimal traffic and great destinations at each end makes this a road worth the fuel to experience and enjoy.


  1. I had almost considered riding this road. I was up in Pagosa Springs last April, and found that the road over Wolf Creek Pass was snowed over. I contemplated a loop south along this road you mention, and back up north via US285. But I opted to stay overnight in Pagosa Springs, and see how to snow looked on Wolf Creek Pass the next day. Turned out, the snow melted off, and I was able to ride Wolf Creek Pass instead.

  2. I rode just a bit nw of your road, it is pretty country, that part of New Mexico....I turned northward on NM 17 at Chama so I missed Tierra Amarilla....oh well, maybe next time.

  3. Awesome. Twists, turns, elevation changes, beautiful scenery AND minimal traffic? Sounds perfect.

  4. Lovely scenery, looks like great riding country - I enjoyed reading about Poker Alice's place too. Maybe one day I'll get over there to do some riding, it's on my wish list. Good reading.

  5. Rider, come on up to the USA. There are a lot of places we could show you. There are great roads and food to enjoy.