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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rocky Mountain Pizza

When traveling you can find some great local restaurants that help to make the trip memorable.  The one of a kind, family owned, friendly eatery you enjoy telling your friends about (or in my case I enjoy posting about them).

I have found two pizza places in Colorado which belong in that category of great finds.  Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs (has 8 locations, but to me it is still a "local" place) and Poker Alice in Lake City are among my favorite for a good meal with a relaxing atmosphere and mountain views.

This post is about Beau Jo's.  Later on I will post about Poker Alice.

 Photo from Beau Jo's website
Idaho Springs sits between exits 239 and 241on I-70 west of Denver.  The Colorado Gold Rush had its first significant find in Idaho Springs.  Old mines and equipment can still be seen in town.  Beau Jo's is located at 1515 Miner Street one block north of I-70.  

Beau Jo's menu has a lot of choices. Pizza, salads, sandwiches, calzones, Beaughetti (spaghetti service in a pizza crust bowl) and much more.  For the pizzas they offer 4 different crusts, 10 sauces, 9 cheeses, 14 meats, 19 fruit & vegetables (with several gluten free options)!  Wow, the combination possibilities!
Photo from Trip Advisor
I have personally eaten at the Idaho Springs Beau Jo's three times and when they had a place in Old Colorado Springs I visited 3-5 times.  I have always been satisfied.  The flavor is great, the ingredients are fresh and of high quality and the service is on the spot!

I really like the thick outer crust of the pizza.  Beau Jo's provides honey on the table so you can enjoy the outer crust with some honey and butter for dessert.  It is great and unique.

Before or after your ride up Mount Evans (one of my favorite scenic roads) stop by Beau Jo's for some pizza pie.  You will love it!


  1. me Idaho Springs is the point where one is finally free of the sunday afternoon chaos that is the traffic heading into Denver from the mountains.....I've eaten at the Beau Jo's there once and it was satisfying (perhaps because I hadn't eaten all day). Your googleplus profile says you're in TX? Next time you're in Colorado....let me know!

  2. Charlie,
    I will be in Colorado in June and July. Two different trips I am leading. First one to Durango for a home base, the July trip will be to Colo Springs and Black Hawk. Would love to meet up.

    1. I won't be around in June and first half of July this year....let's talk more as things get closer?

  3. Far out, look at the size of that pizza.
    I love pizza, my one weakness.

  4. Mmmm pizza. Now I am hungry for pizza and it is only 6:30 in the morning, sigh.

  5. That pizza looks great! And the restaurant looks cool, too!