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Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Thanksgiving Trip

Tomorrow my wife, son, and I depart on a highly anticipated and long planned trip.  Although, there will be no motorcycling involved I having be looking forward to our trip.  We are heading to Washington DC for 7 days/6 nights.  We will attempt to see as much as possible in and around the Capitol.

I have booked tours of the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon.  I was unable to secure a tour of the US Treasury Building.  {I was hoping to arrange a "summit" in the Rose Garden, but my conservative views disqualified me. :)  }  We will visit the Supreme Court Building, the Library of Congress, the National Archives Building, and the congressional chambers.  Neither House of Congress will be in session.
National Archives Building - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip
I will take my wife and son to the see many of the same sights my dad and I enjoyed during the Honor Flight in October 2010.  We will visit the well-known Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Korean War Veterans Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, The Washington Monument, and of course the World War II Memorial.
WWII Memorial - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip
Lincoln Memorial - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip
There are too many memorials and monuments we plan on visiting to list all of them.  We will make a special trip across the Potomac River to visit the Arlington National Cemetery.   While there we will visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watch the changing of the guard ceremony.  The Marines Corps War Memorial a.k.a Iwo Jima Memorial is located in the National Cemetery which we will also visit.
USMC War Memorial - - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip
Many of the Smithsonian museums are on our agenda.  Top on the list is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Air and Space Museum, Museum of American History, and the Museum of Natural History.  If time permits we will other museums of the Smithsonian.  We also plan to tour the National Cathedral.
The Washington National Cathedral - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip
We have been planning this trip for a long time.  We were waiting for Richard to get old enough to understand and appreciate the trip.  He is now a freshman in high school and the time is right.

I will be posting about the trip, the sights, and the restaurants.  Of course I will post plenty of photos.  I know this nation is not perfect and our government needs some housecleaning, but I am proud to be an American and I am looking forward to visiting the Capitol of the United States of America.
Washington Monument rises above the soundings - photo take Oct. 2011 - Honor Flight trip

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Sounds like a great trip you have planned. I hep the weather holds out and is good. I wish you days of sunshine. Can't wait to see the photos from your trip. Maybe you will find a motorcycle to take a picture of.

  2. This is going to be a fantastic trip. Safe journeys and enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to reading all about it.

  3. Made my first trip there, DC, three years ago, visited many of the places you will be taking Richard, and it was an impressive place for sure. Have a great time in our Nation's Capitol!

  4. Going to Washington for a trip like you've got planned is on my bucket list! I would love to spend a couple days and absorb some history. The museums are what I can't wait to see.

    Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Safe travels...look forward to the updates and pics. Happy Thanksgiving!