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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pig Trail Scenic Byway - WOW!

Arkansas has a lot of great roads with numerous twisties, tall trees, great vistas, and plenty of potential wildlife sightings.  One of the well know roads is a 19 mile stretch of AR  23 in the Northwest part of the state.  This section of AR 23 is designated The Pig Trail Scenic Byway and once you ride it you will understand why it is a Scenic Byway.
Northern end of the Pig Trail Scenic Byway
The Pig Trail runs between the towns of Ozark on the southern end and Brashears on the northern end.  The Pig Trail runs through the Ozark National Forest and at times the trees create tunnels of green which to ride through.  There is always the potential of wildlife sights, especially deer.  One crossed our path shortly after this taking this picture, but could not get the camera out fast enough to photograph it.
The foliage is awesome.
It was late June, 2010 when I road the trail my second time.  The grass was green, the trees full, the sun high, and the temperature in the low 90's.  It was a great day for riding and the Pig Trail made for a great ride.

The road curves and twists through the Boston Mountain region of the Ozarks.  There are sweeping curves, curves on hills, and tight twisties. Not the kind of road for a newbie or the timid.  This LINK will give you a mile by mile account of the Pig Trail.
Watch for deer.  We had one cross, but no picture of it.
According to others I have visited with the wildflowers in the Spring are numerous.  The first time I road the Pig Trail was in October 2008 and the fall leave colors was spectacular.  

There are plenty of curves on the Pig Trail.
If you are headed up to Eureka Springs, AR or Branson, Missouri plan your route to include the Pig Trail Scenic Byway.  You will enjoy it and you may even want to turn around and ride it again!

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